In a context of globalization of trade and industry in a close, competitive and constantly changing world, SCE seeks to improve competitiveness while anticipating the future.

In 1998, SCE launched its own initiative, a broad and bold rehabilitation of the site and its industrial activities in order to ensure compliance with regulations, especially in Europe, for industrial control and urban integration.

  • HSE
    For the rehabilitation, SCE's prior process to:
    • An impact on the environment entrusted to a renowned Canadian specialist in the field.
    • A study of industrial hazard and risk, entrusted to a French specialist in the field.
  • SCE is putting in place a system of safety management and environmental compliance with international standards.
  • SMQ
    A process that proceeds primarily from a willingness to instigate a process of continuous improvement in order to:
    • Continually satisfy the expectations and needs of our clients.
    • Ensure the growth and sustainability of the company.

ISO 9001 V 2000, in December 2004, the SCE is a recognition of this commitment.

  • laboratory
    The major concern of SCE is to constantly ensure the quality of its own production, as well as that of materials and imported products.
    The highly qualified personnel of SCEs laboratory conducting systematic and rigorous analyses of all the products and systems necessary for the high performance of the company.