The detergent and cosmetics
The active
Since 1995, manufacturers began replacing oleum, a less than satisfactory chemical requiring special handling, with sulfonic acid detergent. This development was part of the logic of integrating a better product to foster greater added value for partners.

Installation de production
The production facility of the main active ingredient of washing powder, is based on an environmentally friendly technology and working conditions (Compliance with European standards).It can produce other active materials for detergents and cosmetics.

In addition, the sulfonic acid product SLES SCE is the main active ingredient in the production of shampoo and liquid detergents.

SCE has designed and developed other active ingredients that are environmentally friendly and that can preclude the use of imported substances harmful to the environment.

The silicates of soda
Since 1952, ECS has manufactured sodium silicate, used primarily in the detergent industry. In 1989, studies of its engineers helped to develop a hydrothermal process specific to SCE.

toto The water treatment

The aluminum sulphate
The manufacture of this main flocculate entering the treatment of drinking water is based on the latest technology in crystallization. This facility, the only one of its kind in Morocco, has been developed by a European leader in the field. It enables full control of the reaction mechanism and the phenomenon of crystallization, simultaneously ensuring the environment is fully protected.

Traitment de l'eau

toto The timber industry

tototototo The melamine-urea-formaldehyde

The manufacturing of these products, which are key inputs in the field of particle board and laminate, is the first of its kind in Morocco.
It was the result of scientific collaboration between engineers and those SCE Elf Atochem, world leader in the manufacture of these resins. Until 1995, a part of this installation also allowed to produce Formaldehyde from Methanol.

Sulfuric acid

SCE has acquired over 80 years mastery of the handling, storage, and logistics of sulfuric acid. After halting its manufacturing unit in 2001, SCE partnered with a network of foreign manufacturers to import this product for its own use and distribution.

The quality of the product, in conjunction with the reliability of a dilution method on special materials, has resulted in ensuring a high-quality acid contributing battery manufacturing in Morocco.

Sulphur triturated ventilated

CES manufactures and sells powdered sulfur Ventilated (STV), used as a fungicide for certain crops (vegetables, vineyards, etc.). This product is highly appreciated by farmers.

Ammonia and ammoniated

In the workshop Ammonia, SCE is developing water ammonia at different concentrations, which is used in particular in the composition of disinfectants. SCE also sells ammonia gas used in industrial refrigeration.

The chemical trading

The activity of the SCE is enriched by the importation and marketing of many other products necessary for the industry, such as nitric acid, resins, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, etc...